Disaster Relief Effort

Burnett County, WI was hit with a tremendous storm on Friday. Our town is fine but a bit further north, there is significant damage after winds of 100 MPH ripped through. In the path of that storm is Faith’s Lodge.

Just before the entrance to Faith's Lodge, Driveway

As many of you know, Faith’s Lodge is a huge part of our organization. They are in dire need of financial support to clean up the hundreds of down trees. We fear that until the trees are cleared up, they won’t be able to host families that so much need the hope that they provide.

Prior to the storm, Faith’s Lodge structure was not visible from this road, now you can see it with the naked eye. In this picture, (taken with cell phone) you can see the rooftop in the middle.

River’s Run & Ride Rally board of directors is discussing fundraising efforts, but Ben and Deanna feel like they need to do something now. We are just devastated by this, so much of our life is devoted to that facility and their mission. We have come up with this immediate fundraising effort: This photograph was taken this Sunday after the storm in River’s Garden – We couldn’t believe the beauty of Mother Nature at our home after seeing the devastation just 30 minutes away.

In an attempt to share this beauty while helping Faith’s Lodge, for a donation of $5.00 to River’s Run & Ride Rally, we will email you this JPEG as a THANK YOU for your help in this effort. All proceeds from this photograph will go directly to Faith’s Lodge toward their clean up expenses. Please put Disaster Relief Effort and your email in the Notes field.

NOTE: This photograph is in no way directly connected to Faith’s Lodge or its employees. It is an attempt to help preserve the mission of Faith’s Lodge by offering families suffering serious illness or loss of a child hope.