Welcome to River’s Run and Ride Rally

River’s Run and Ride Rally was started in memory of River Wheeler, who passed away at 6 days old due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). We are working to keep his name alive, as well as help many other people and families struggling with hard times.

We further our purpose under this program by raising funds for River’s Community Uplift Program, Faith’s Lodge and The Compassionate Friends. This program was designed to give back to organizations and people that supported Ben and Deanna Wheeler and their families after the loss of their son, River. The Compassionate Friends and Faith’s Lodge are designed to help bereaved parents and families. River’s Community Uplift Program is going to help youth programs and areas in the community that River would have grown up in. The main event is a fundraiser which is a combination of a run and ride rally, free will donation food served, raffles and silent auction. There will be smaller direct sales fundraisers throughout the year to gain capital for the subsequent year.