We are happy to announce that the 3rd Annual River’s Run & Ride Rally raised over $8500! We have given to many causes already this year with many more to come. We are working on a project with Faith’s Lodge to manufacture permanent plaques for the 120 trees that have been planted since the storm in July 2011. We have volunteered and brought food at Faith’s Lodge this summer. It is looking wonderful! The Compassionate Friends chapters will receive a total of $2500 from River’s Rally.

River’s Uplift program has given $400 to local benefits, $200 to the Milltown Public Library for summer reading program and $200 for the upcoming Kid’s Night Out. Take advantage of this event if you are in the area. Next Tuesday, August 28th the Milltown Police Department and Village of Milltown have a fantastic party just for the kids! Fun begins at 5:00PM at the Milltown Community Center.

We are looking forward to fall events and gearing up plans for next year. We want to thank everyone that responded to our survey, your feedback is much appreciated. Also a heads up for those that participated in the 10K, the gravel road is now paved! This was a wonderful sight! Thank you to everyone that has helped River’s Rally be a great success!